Leopard Hunting

We are situated at the foothills of the Waterberg Mountains, bordering huge non-hunting preserves. The abundance of prey animals such as impala, warthog and various smaller game results in us having an abnormally high leopard population, resulting in an excellent selection of huge male leopards. Hunting is done over baits that I keep going all year round, in elevated blinds situated 60 – 80 yards away from the bait tree.

Most of the leopards we shoot are during the early hours of the night, so we make use of a remotely controlled 12v light above the bait, microphones to listen when the leopard approaches the bait and infrared cameras to insure you get the best possible trophy. Trail cameras are used to determine which baits are hit by big males. This is a specialist hunt and I strongly recommend you book for not less than 14 days. Tags in South Africa are limited, to ensure you get one, you should book well in advance.

The satisfaction of outsmarting Africa’s most successful predator, coupled with the anticipation of waiting until you hear the leopard in the bait tree, makes this my favourite hunt.