After your Safari

Most of you wonder what happens with your trophies after you left camp…

Well, first you must decide if you’re going to use a Taxidermist here in South Africa or one back home.

Should you decide to use one in South Africa, we will make arrangements for your trophies to be delivered once the skins is dry enough to be transported. They will contact you once they received the raw material and then you can give them instructions on how to mount the heads. We can arrange for a visit to them before you leave.  We use Estelle Nel Taxidermy - ESTELLE NEL TAXIDERMY or Universal Trophy Services - UNIVERSAL TROPHY SERVICES 

This are only suggestions, you are welcome to use whoever you like, we'll make arangements for collection.

If you’re using one abroad, skins will be delivered to Swift Dip - SWIFT DIP - South Africa, once it’s dry enough to be transported. Once they receive your trophies, they will contact you for instructions and payment.  Important - Swift Dip only do the Dipping and Crating of your trophies, once they done with it, they will deliver it to the designated Shipping company that will then contact you for instructions and payment.